Hello dear one.  We are so happy that you are diving in with us.  The Aligned Soul is a resource for anyone who wishes to come home to their essential nature.  We provide online programs and in-person retreats for developing more mindfulness in your daily life.  Whether you are looking to improve your relationships, mitigate anxiety, create more ease and joy in your nervous system, we are here to help. 

Aligned Soul is also the home of two flagship programs, The Aligned Practitioner, a six-week online and residential training for professionals in all helping modalities and The Aligned Teenager, an ongoing online resource for supporting teenagers to consciously navigate the joys and challenges of their lives.

Please join us online or in person.  We are honored to travel together in our collective journey of evolution.


Join Jennifer Lovejoy and Shannon Chawla for a weekend course that will support you in becoming a more successful practitioner. The weekend is a blend of educational skill building, self-reflective work, and techniques to strengthen you as a practitioner. 

Next retreat is Fall of 2019

Join us for a weekend of mindful presence.  Learn to stay with yourself when you are in the presence of others. Touch into your deepest wisdom.  Live your embodiment.

April 27, 2019



(coming soon)

An interactive site, to support teenagers to mindfully navigate real life issues such as identifying the gifts they bring into the world, being authentically themselves, honoring their friends and others, working with peer pressure and addiction and exploring new ways to meet the challenges of life in a rapidly changing world. 

" Rest Here. Relax into who you really are. You are magnificence itself. Let go of resistance to everything and what remains is the perfect flow of effortless Life. What you are unwilling to feel remains as tension, becomes gnawing, grows into addiction.  Restore the capacity to feel fully,to allow the experience without flinching, and the addiction, the gnawing, the tension, Dissolve.  Rest here and things are simple."   Arjuna from the Bhagavad Gita


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