The Aligned Practitioner is the flagship program of the Aligned Soul.  This 6 month online course is currently in development to support helping professionals to become masterful practitioners in their field.  Our focus is to bring to light all of the layers of expertise that a great practitioner naturally develops over a long period of time.  



Truly masterful practitioners have confidence in their creativity, in their own grounding and resilience, and a willingness to constantly explore the unknown.  These are things that keep great practitioners awake and excited about the work that they are doing in the world.  

Great practitioners:

- Know how to stay connected to their own inner dialogue about what they long to contribute to this world.

- Develop deep and mature listening: to self, to clients, to the larger field of resource.

- Practice staying in close contact with their present moment reality, they bring their humanness to their work.

- Know that their primary job is to point people back to their own innate wisdom.

- Are always practicing staying with themselves while they are with another.

- Are aware of and always questioning their biases. 

- Develop a dynamic relationship with conscious touch.

- Are connected to the field of abundance in many ways. 

These are some of the topics will be exploring.  Want to join us? 

Our next Aligned Practitioner Retreat will be in the Fall of 2019.  Check out the link below to find out more.  

Have questions? Do you want to hear more about the upcoming courses? 

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Listen to an interview with Shannon and Jennifer on Bernadette Mckee's Radical Love Now podcast. It's a lively conversation where we share more about what we are going to cover during the weekend and our philosophy about working with others.


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